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Hi, I'm Jill!

I could have been heiress to a coffee fortune in South America had guerillas not stolen my family’s plantation. Alas, I grew up in the City of Angels next door to a Disney Imagineer. His house, overrun with artwork, props and models, set my imagination in motion and became the inspiration behind my desire to dwell in the world of make-believe.

For years I drew comic strips starring the citizens of my neighborhood. When my parents instructed me to pursue something serious, it was with great pride I told them I hoped to become a bookie. Honestly, it was devastating to learn this profession was illegal. In my senior year of high school, I took an engineering exam administered by the armed forces, for the sole purpose of skipping my last two classes of the day. Ironically, I scored the fourth highest in the state. When the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines called to recruit me, I told them, “No thanks, I’m going to be a writer.”

From film studios and ad agencies to an office in a vineyard, I’ve written copy for everything from tuna fish and tires to credit cards and computers. My words have made their way onto exhibit signs at the Smithsonian, been used in voice-over for film trailers, and have allowed me to work with incredibly talented artists. The best part of my job is that just around the corner, there is always something new. 

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